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How I Shoot

A little about the subjects I shoot, with what I shoot and my post work.

Subjects Subjects

When I started, I would shoot anything but people, however, now my favourite subject for my photography is people. I love shooting portraits and people on the street. I almost only shoot people now.

Shooting Shooting

I shoot a combination of digital and film. I love film and I am slowly moving towards shooting only film. At the moment I am shooting a full frame digital camera along with a 35mm and a medium format film camera.

Post Post

I love black and white. That is my default choice of treatment to my photos and for film I often shoot black and white film. I can’t tell you why, I have no reason in particular. I just like it.

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What I have been up to lately...

Brent And Lauren – 10 Year Anniversary

Brent And Lauren – 10 Year Anniversary

Posted in Couples, Film, People, Portraits

Happy 10th Anniversary to Brent and Lauren! Good long time friends of mine who have helped me a lot through the years. I hope you have an awesome day! I had the opportunity to shoot with the awesome Feather And Stone Photography a couple of months ago learning my way around film. It was an […]

Welcome To My Website

Welcome To My Website

Posted in People, Studio

Hello World! Welcome to my website and my blog and thank you for visiting. Now that I finally have my website running I hope to keep it updated. Work posted here will mostly be personal stuff, the stuff I like to shoot. While I have had other websites in the past, this will be my […]

About Damon O’Reilly

Damon O’Reilly

My name is Damon O’Reilly. I am based in South Africa where I was born. I started shooting at a young age and by the time I left school I was completely obsessed. I enjoy spending time in nature but on the opposite end I enjoy shooting people in built up cities. I love shooting film and the last format on my bucket list is a large format (Anyone have something I can borrow?). I currently spend my time volunteering and shoot in my free time. That sums me up. Enjoy!

- Damon O’Reilly